Thursday, February 28, 2013

Basketball: Basketball, basketball

Hello! The talk of the town (well, some of the town) seems to be the University of Hawaii women's basketball team, and why the heck not. Yes, the team fell to third place in the Big West Conference after losing to Cal Poly 43-47, but third is not very far from first and, based on the season so far, this team has a very real chance of winning the Big West Tournament. (On what page do you think the Star Advertiser will bury that article in?) This team is AWESOME, you guys---capital letters awesome. And now for some links:

Article on the win against UCSB: "Wahine cling to victory and first-place tie"
"Probably three or four games ago, if we had the same energy and lack of offensive execution, we would not have been able to play defense the way we did," UH coach Laura Beeman said in a postgame phone interview. "I think we lose this ballgame. The positive is playing as bad as we did, with the frustration that we had, we were able to win this game. I think that shows growth."
Article on the loss against Cal Poly: "Schlemer's late basket helps Mustangs put away Wahine":
"You know, we just didn't execute," Beeman said. "Defensively, we were on point. … We missed too many shots in the paint. You can't win ballgames missing layups."
FYI, Stephanie Ricketts missed the game against UCSB but flew up by herself to help the team with Cal Poly ("Playing hardball"):
"Steph just did a phenomenal job, meeting that post player high, up on the free-throw line. Doing her work early. Taking her legs away from her," Beeman said. "Thank goodness, because that kid may have had 40 on us."
A look back at the Wahine glory days (yes, there were Wahine glory days) and how one of them committed vandalism prior to an NCAA Tournament game: "Bringing back Wahine glory days" 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Volleyball: Spot the Wahine

Here is the USA Volleyball photo gallery of the opening day of the U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team Open Tryouts. There are 232 pictures. Spot the Wahine! (Maybe you'll have better luck.)

my friend:  Are those their backs?
me:  Here's Jade, I think.
my friend:  Is this Tai?
me:  This shirt says "Manu-Olevao."
my friend: Okay, so that was her then.
me:  Is this Mita?
my friend:  Maybe ...

Photo by USAV/Bill Kauffman. Watch USA Volleyball at in the following days for more photos of the tryouts.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Basketball: Hawaii at UC Santa Barbara

Introductions:  Win! Please, please win. Commentator introduces "Kaley" Adolpho and Ashleigh "Karaytiana." There are reportedly a lot of people wearing green in the arena.

Hawaii 3-4:  First shot of the game was a three-pointer by Monica DeAngelis. And she gets another one. Hawaii 6-6. The commentators are doing sound check. Quick shot of a women's volleyball banner inside the arena. I guess they get a banner just for making it to the NCAA tournament.

Hawaii 18-19:  Someone please tell the commentator that it is "Karaitiana" with a hard "rai" (like the first part of "ride") and not "ray" like the sun. It's bugging me. Hawaii still trailing by one point with six minutes left to play. My video feed keeps stalling. Travel called on Destiny King. Hawaii 19-20. "Surprisingly, UCSB doing pretty good at home." Foul called against Marissa Wimbley. Commentator Two says she's overmatched and so has to play aggressively but may have been a little too aggressive.

Hawaii 20-22:  Commentator Two about Vicky Tagalicod:  "Athletic move. Kind of hung in the air with that scoop shot." DeAngelis has three three point shots so far. Hawaii 20-24 with three and a half minutes left to play in the first half.

Hawaii 22-24:  Commentator Two about Shawna Kuehu:  "She's the most impressive, in my mind; really talented down low." Foul called on Kuehu. Commentators talking about a player's hair. It's a mohawk. Commentator Two: "You'll have to explain that to me." Hawaii 22-25 with a minute and a half left to play. Diane Moore on the court. It's been a while since we've seen her.

Hawaii 22-26:  DeAngelis screws up the inbound pass. Destiny King at the free throw line and makes both.  Hawaii 24-26.

Half:  Hawaii 24-26. I have dinner plans, so will miss the second half, but I hope to come back and read that Hawaii won. Win, Hawaii, win!

Update!  They did win! 54-51. Watch the highlights here

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Volleyball: U.S. Women's Open Tryout

Of the record-high 243 athletes who signed up to participate in open tryouts for the U.S. Women’s National Team, U.S. Women’s National A2 Program and U.S. Women’s Junior National Team, four are University of Hawaii women's volleyball team members. Tai Manu-Olevao is one of 39 outside hitters trying out; Jade Vorster one of 57 middle blockers; Alyssa Longo one of 54 liberos; and Mita Uiato one of 48 setters. The tryouts will take place February 20-22 in Colorado. According to the USA Volleyball release:
Throughout the tryout process, USA Volleyball will be identifying prospective athletes for the following three different programs: first and foremost the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team Program; those not selected to the National Team may also be considered for an invitation to the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Senior A2 Team; and/or U.S. Women’s Junior National Volleyball Team program and its various programs.
The entire tryout roster is here. Mita Uiato, by the way, is listed as Rainette, which I am guessing is her first name and that "Mita" is her middle name. Tai is listed as Shar Latai. Since we are on the subject of names, did you know that Kalei Adolpho's first name is Abbigale and that "Kalei" comes from her middle name Kaleikaumaka. (This information is listed in her basketball bio.)

I do not know why Emily Hartong decided not to tryout or Jane Croson, for that matter. Or any of the others, actually.

Changing gears, here is a cute picture of some of the players raising money for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life at a recent baseball game. It doesn't look like the women's volleyball team has a relay team, but the University of Hawaii women's basketball team does, if you are interested in making a donation (volleyball team member Kalei Adolpho is also on the basketball team, so there is your connection). Here is the link to donate.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Basketball: Hawaii vs. Pacific

A belated WOOT to the University of Hawaii women's basketball team for defeating University of the Pacific on Saturday. The Wahine are now tied with Pacific for first in the Big West.

The game was awesome. Yes, the win was in overtime. Yes, the Wahine could have made it easier on themselves if they had just made their free-throws. But, bottom-line, they won in front of what seemed liked the largest crowd so far this season. And, get this, not only did people show up but people made noise. People cheered, people booed, people even chanted "DE-FENSE." There was a line to buy tickets. There was a line at the concessions. There was a line for ketchup. It was awesome. This team is awesome. It was also very pink.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Basketball: Dial it down a notch

The average number of students who attended University of Hawaii women's volleyball matches in 2011 was 162. The number increased to 276 in 2012.  In comparison, the average number of students who attended women's basketball last year was 26. This year so far, the number is 27.

Laura Beeman, once again, expressed her disappointment at the lack of people, in general, attending women's basketball games. "Maybe it's because we're not football, we're not volleyball, we're not men's basketball," she said, then added "Maybe it's because the games are on (live) television."

Dear Laura Beeman:  Volleyball matches are on live television, as are men's basketball games. It's not the live television. It's that interest in women's basketball in Hawaii has traditionally been low, and it doesn't help that women's basketball hasn't really been successful in a while. The program is doing great this year, but it's the first year.  Build it first, then they will come.

Use the live television to build interest in your program. It also wouldn't hurt to build more good will. We are not USC. We are Hawaii. Our coaches wear leis (as ugly as they are), even if it is just for the introductions because someone took the time to make them. Our fans appreciate good games and good plays to the point where we will clap for a good play even if it is the opposing team who executes it. We notice the little things as well as the big thing, although the big thing --- winning --- is very, very important.

Rather than being so concerned about the number of people attending games (she gets paid $1,000 every time attendance reaches 2,000 and $1,500 every time attendance reaches 3,000, by the way), win. Crush the rest of your competition. Maybe win the Big West tournament, get to the NCAA tournament, and then promote the shit out of your program next year. If people still don't show up next year, then you can complain. Until then, give it a rest a little bit.

And, from someone who does regularly show up to your games, you're welcome.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Basketball: Two for one

If you haven't watched a University of Hawaii women's basketball team game at the Stan Sheriff Center yet, now is a good time to go. Hawaii Athletics is offering fans a free ticket (of equal or lesser value) with each ticket purchased to the Rainbow Wahine's games against UC Davis (February 14), Pacific (February 16), UC Riverside (March 7), and Cal State Fullerton (March 9).

Watch a game, bring a friend, or have a friend bring a friend and then you bring another one. Or have that other friend bring a friend and then you bring yet another one and on and on.

More information about the promotion here. Banner of Shawna Kuehu with freakishly long fingers from the same link.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Basketball: Hawaii at UC Irvine

Hawaii 9-19:  The quality of the UC Irvine stream is very good; the players are actually recognizable. Only problem is that there is no audio and the audio stream is slightly ahead of the video. Irvine on a 10-0 run.

Hawaii 15-22:  Ashleigh Karaitina falls, is slow to get up, and is limping a little bit when she finally does. Well that's not good. Irvine player goes flying into the basketball hoop base and she is slow to get up. That is not good either.

Half:  Hawaii 17-24. Commentator: "Kamilah Martin with only two points. Ashleigh Karaitiana with only two points. And they are Hawaii's best players."

Hawaii 22-32:  Fifteen minutes left in the game. You guys, UC Irvine has only won one game so far. Hawaii 24-32 after a jump shot by Kalei Adolpho. The commentator thinks that maybe Hawaii is tired. 

Hawaii 24-39:  Egads. Commentator:  "Not sure many people would have expected this." Hawaii can't get anything to fall. Martin at the free throw line, "She and Karaitiana are sitting on just two points." Martin makes one. I don't think Karaitiana has gone in yet during the second half.

Hawaii 28-39:  Eleven minutes left in the game. Commentator sounds frustrated at the "absolute panic" Irvine has been in; lots of errors including balls bouncing off the players' feet. Destiny King at the free throw line and makes both. King steals the ball at makes the layup all by herself. Commentator:  "That's all it is:  panic, just panic." He is getting quite salty.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Basketball: Hawaii at Long Beach State

Hawaii 2-12:  The Wahine did not score until nine and a half minutes after the game started, but committed their first turnover less than one minute after the game started. Hawaii 9-14. One of the Long Beach State players is playing with only one shoe. She reportedly tried to fix it, but couldn't so she just tossed it aside. Commentator:  "Media timeout, as the 49ers will try to handle their wardrobe issues."

Hawaii 16-16: Hawaii took the lead after Monica DeAngelis three-point shot. Hawaii now leading 18-16. This team is awesome. Commentator: "The rebound is collected and racing through with it is Karaitiana." Shawna Kuehu with 11 points so far. Make that 13 points after she makes two free throws.

Hawaii 23-18: Foul called on Shawna Kuehu. "Ill-advised shot by Kuehu." Foul called on DeAngelis. Hawaii 22-21 with forty seconds left before halftime. DeAngelis for three and lots noise!

Hawaii 26-22:  Half. I am off to dinner; will check back after for results!

Update!  Hawaii won 61-54. Woot. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sand Volleyball: "Our first priority is indoor"

You guys, I do not care about sand volleyball. And, apparently, it's not the priority for the coaching staff either. In today's Honolulu Star Advertiser ("UH Sand Volleyball continues to grow"):
"As a coaching staff we want to compete and do well," (Scott) Wong said. "But our first priority is indoor, everybody knows that. We communicate that to the sand-only girls, but beach is their priority. I want them to be able to compete more and learn a different sport, but also help with indoor."
That must have felt nice for the sand-only girls. The article is accompanied by a picture of Ali Longo and Ceone Nojima (a jumper for UH track and field last year) playing against Jade Vorster and Katie Spieler. Maybe they'll be partners.

The official sand schedule has been released. The home matches will be on March 15 (against Florida International) and March 16 (Hawaii Tournament with Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific, Chaminade, and Florida International). Note that the spring match for indoor against Texas Tech is also on March 15.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sand Volleyball: To play USC, Nebraska, Long Beach State, Irvine Valley, Loyola Marymount, Grand Canyon

And that's all I got so far (thanks so much to one of you for the information). The University of Hawaii sand volleyball 2013 schedule has yet to be released, but University of Southern California and Long Beach State's schedules have been and Hawaii is listed.

According to said schedules, Hawaii will play USC and Nebraska at USC on March 22. Four days after that, on March 26, Hawaii will play Long Beach State at Long Beach. Hawaii and Long Beach State will meet again, along with Irvine Valley, at Irvine on April 5.

Update! Hawaii will also play Loyola Marymount and Grand Canyon, based on LMU's schedule, March 23 to 24 in Phoenix. (Again, thanks to one of you for the information!) 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Basketball: Hawaii at Cal State Northridge

Introductions:  There is a Hawaii girl on the Northridge team. Commentators talking very highly of Laura Beeman. Female commentator calling the Wahine "Waheen." Male commentator calling Marissa Wimbley "Wimberley."

Hawaii 0-7:  Northridge scored all seven points in the first two and a half minutes of the game, prompting Laura Beeman to call an early time out. It is now 0-9 with a little more than 15 minutes left to play in the first half.

Hawaii 6-14:  Commentators commentating that Hawaii not showing much enthusiasm.  Hawaii 9-14.  Live video stream, audio stream, and live stats available at  The video only has the court announcer and the audio stream does not match the video stream and I'm not paying much attention. Hawaii has cut down deficit to four, trailing 15-19. Beeman not happy with officiating. Male commentator:  "Laura Beeman having conversation with (referee) and it is not a pleasant one."

Hawaii 21-27:  Kalei Adolpho at the free throw line and misses both.  Male commentator completely butchers "Hoolehua, Molokai." It wasn't even close. Male commentator:  "Kariatiana misses the layup and Martin flies in, gets it back to Adolpho who misses the layup." It does not sound like Adolpho is having a good game, because the commentator just said something else about her being unable to finish.  Male commentator on Laura Beeman:  "First time I've ever seen her, and I love the way she handles the officials. She's very persistent."

Hawaii 26-31:  Female commentator says the game is very physical. Ashleigh Karaitiana goes over the back of someone or something and a foul is called against her. Hawaii 28-31. Female commentator:  "The officials have to keep this game under control with all the physicality." Video stream is no longer working so I can't tell what is happening.

Half:  Hawaii ends the half on a 6-0 run to take their first lead in the game 34-33! Last two points were by Shawna Kuehu. Laura Beeman being interviewed, giving lots of credit to the players; keeps saying "These young ladies have become my family."

Friday, February 1, 2013

Basketball: "Climbing on or lifting a teammate to secure greater height"

Today in random NCAA Basketball Rules:  NCAA women's basketball rules specify that players cannot climb on their teammates or cannot lift their teammates so they will be taller. It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and is a technical foul. Other examples of unsportsmanlike conduct are "inciting undesirable crowd reaction" and "using tobacco." So no smoking on the court. Also, no "disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment."

Yes, I am having a lot of fun reading these rules.