Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanks for the conversation. I'm sorry for calling you weird

I started this blog when I was in school, studying heavy things, and needed something lighter. It was a blog about books, lists, and other things, with men's volleyball, Wahine volleyball, and Wahine basketball decidedly among the other things. And then the books, lists, and other-other things went elsewhere and it became a blog about Hawaii volleyball and Wahine basketball. Then men's volleyball went away and the blog became what it is now.

I started this blog when Kalei Adolpho, Lizzie Blake, Jane Croson, Kayla Kawamura, Ginger Long, Monica Stauber, and Jade Vorster were freshmen. I figured I would keep this blog until the end of their senior season. Lizzie Blake and Kayla Kawamura left the team; Jane Croson, Monica Stauber, and Jade Vorster transferred. Kalei Adolpho and Ginger Long got their Senior Night. It's obvious just from the posts count that I did not do a very good job on the blog this year, but here we are.

Thanks for the conversation. I'm sorry for calling you weird.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

WVB: Hawaii at Washington

5:22pm: There is soccer on my TV---soccer that is in 2nd overtime.

5:30pm: It is starting! There is Al Scates talking about Olivia Magill, who is flashing double shakas. my friend: Why isn't Al Scates calling the UCLA game? 

5:33pm: Hawaii 2-0. Kalei Greeley started. Nikki Taylor hits the ball out. Twice. And then Tai Manu-Olevao. Hawaii 2-4. Make that Hawaii 3-6. Washington is targeting Manu-Olevao on serve receive. Hawaii 4-7.

5:39pm: Hawaii 5-8. It seems like in trying to avoid the block, Hawaii is hitting out. Block by Kalei Adolpho! Hawaii 6-9. There is a Hawaiian flag in the student section. Washington is digging everything. Manu-Olevao is blocked. Krista Vansant can hit. Hawaii 7-12.

5:43pm: Hawaii 7-13. Hawaii calls a timeout. Al Scates is very positive about the Hawaii players. Taylor hits the ball out again. Come on, Taylor! Ace by Savanah Kahakai! I think one of you said her name is spelled with only one "n." Mendoza digs the ball with her foot! Kalei Greeley playing better than a freshman should! Hawaii 13-16.

5:51pm: Hawaii 14-16 after Adolpho dunks it down! Mendoza seems to stand exactly where Vansant likes to hit the ball. Hawaii is blocking but Washington is doing a good job covering it. Hawaii 18-21.

5:56pm: Hawaii is hitting 0.00 (my friend: Nikki Taylor) and Al Scates says they need to stop being so afraid of the block. Hawaii has only been blocked twice but have hit it out numerous times. Numerous! Hawaii 20-23.

Hawaii loses set one 20-25.

Friday, December 5, 2014

WVB: Hawaii vs. Duke

2:32pm: Logged on to ESPN3 and clicked on the Duke vs. Hawaii link and it is telling me "Your Event is About to Begin. Please Stand By." That is a good thing, yes? Let's say yes.

2:38pm:  And now it is telling me "This event has been blacked out in your area." Fu---------------ck.

3:16pm:  my friend:  I wish I can see what is going on! I should have stayed home. me: Yeah, I'm not listening. I am too anxious. She tells me it is 17-9.

3:24pm: My friend just called, "GREELEY GOT HURT!" I don't know why she bothered with the phone---they probably heard her all through downtown. Hawaii 21-12. Ginger Long, not Megan Huff, in for Kalei Greeley.

3:32pm: Hawaii wins set one 25-15. Last point by hometown girl Olivia Magill, who is reportedly having none of that hometown stuff.

4:03pm: Hawaii wins set two 25-19! I can listen now! my friend: No! Don't you dare change anything. I think she thinks I might upset the force---but better safe than sorry.

 4:06pm: In case you wanted to know, Long Beach State just won set one against San Diego. NCAA Tournament time is the only time I am allowed to cheer for Long Beach State.

4:22pm: Hawaii 14-3! I hear the Hawaii block is something to behold! I hear the team is something to behold. Too bad we can't behold them---OCEANIC CABLE.

4:37pm: Hawaii wins set three, 25-17, and the match! GO WATCH WAHINE BASKETBALL play against Pacific at 7:00pm tonight at the Stan Sheriff Center, thank you please! Nevermind that game is tomorrow!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

WVB: Hawaii vs. Duke broadcast information

There are options! If you are home, you can watch it on OCSports 16. If you are at work, you can have yourself a viewing party by working with your colleagues to make sure that your boss is out of the office after 3:00pm, connect a laptop to the TV in the conference room (because, for some reason, the TV in there does not have cable), and stream it via ESPN3! Not that anyone is going to do that.

Television: OCSports 16 (SD) and 1016 (HD)
Video stream: ESPN3. In case you aren't familiar, here is the Oceanic Cable tutorial from two years ago on how ESPN3 works. (Update! Or not because, as one of you pointed out in the comments, the match may be subject to blackout.)
Radio: AM 1420
Audio stream:
Live stats:

And I will try to blog during those moments when I am not breathing into a paper bag. Not that I don't think Hawaii will win (because Hawaii will, duh) but because this season's team just chooses the most difficult way to win.


You got this.

Post script: Look at this photo of the team at the Crab Pot! Robyn Ah Mow-Santos is wearing a bib!