Friday, November 21, 2014

WBB: Hawaii vs. California

The University of Hawaii women's basketball team fell just short of beating number 14 California. The final score was 79-72 but, you guys, Hawaii could have won. Hawaii had California worried. It was awesome.

Also, California's coach was tossed from the game.

me: She rushed the court, pointing and flailing, and the other coaches were holding her back.
my brother: And neither of you took a picture?
my friend: I was too busy yelling for the refs to toss her.
me: I was too busy being confused.
my brother: Fair enough.

Updates from the widget are below.

Wahine basketball! There is ketchup! And tall people (mostly Cal)! And stilettos (worn by Hawaii coaches)! My friend is grumpy because the volleyball team lost set three and are losing in set four.

Introductions and we are shaking our heads at how tall Cal is. Also, King seems out of breath already. Hawaii 7-7. Hawaii doing pretty, pretty things. I don't know what they are called, but pretty! Hawaii 11-7

Cal has a designated 3-point shooter, it looks like. She stands on the side and just waits for the ball (she's only made one so far). me: I can do that. my friend: No, you can't. me: No, I can't.

Hawaii 18-18. HawaiiWVB went to five, and my friend is taking her frustrations out on Cal. Hawaii coming back to earth a little bit. my friend: Too bad our starters have to rest. me: Is ashleigh's hair in a braids? Hawaii 24-35.

HawaiiWVB won! HawaiiWBB, losing 28-42. me: We're only losing by ten! my friend: And the frustrating thing is it could be closer. Borrowing from Hawaii soccer, #getchance

Friday, November 7, 2014

WVB: Hawaii vs. Long Beach State

This match recap is so crappy that I am itching to delete the post, but I am not because of the comments. You have been advised.

Pre-Match: Looks like Kahakai is going to be libero.

Set One: Hawaii 12-12. The people around me are way jittery. my friend: I don't care if it's by three, four, or five, as long as it is a win. Buy a Dave Shoji shirt and get a free hotdog and drink, the big screen says. Hawaii 14-18. Hawaii had two set points! But lost 25-27.

Set Two
Magill is getting faked out. Manu-Olevao maybe needs help passing. The up-ref maybe needs glasses. Hawaii 8-11. I want Hawaii to start winning again, if only so people will start waving their rally towels again because that looked cool. It seems that every time Taylor hits the ball, she falls. Hit. Fall. Hit. Fall.

Okpala with awesome shots. my friend: How come Magill can't hit straight down like that? me: I don't know; everyone just blames the setter. The net looks loose. Is the net loose maybe? Hawaii loses set two 22-25. AND THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE HAWAII WILL WIN THIS IN FIVE, DAMN IT!

Set Three: Hawaii won set three. I forget the score. LBSU's 21 reportedly throwing the ball "like nothing" but not getting called for it.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

WVB: Wear green shirts on Saturday

Wear green shirts on Saturday against Cal State Northridge, Hawaii Athletics says, UH-branded green shirts. Like this one, I reckon, or this one

Postscript: I am back and will be at the Stan Sheriff Center tomorrow getting my blog on! Plus, prawn and lobster tops. Neither green nor UH-branded, but cute.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'm heading to the Eastern Seaboard, but should be back for the match against UC Santa Barbara. No new posts until then. Be; make, do, read something awesome!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

WVB: Hawaii at Long Beach State

The University of Hawaii women's volleyball team lost to Long Beach State, 15-25, 25-22, 24-26, 25-21, 11-15, in a match where four yellow cards were issued:

IYC UH Coach LB Coach set 4
IYC UH Set 5
LBSU triple block 21, 6, 8 set 3

There seems to be something about Hawaii and Long Beach State that brings out the yellow cards. The most controversial yellow was in set four when the score was Hawaii 14-18 and the referees, briefly, reversed a point that Hawaii had just won to Long Beach. The commentators thought that the point was given to Long Beach because of a lift and that the yellow was because of how Hawaii protested the call. But, after multiple watchings, my friend said Shoji and co were off the bench even before the play ended:
I think Dave was first upset because they didn't call a double hit on LBSU. The play wasn't done yet and he and Scott them were already off the bench. Then you see him put his arms apart, signaling she was this far from the net. He was basically saying that the LBSU middle blocker was an attacker when she hit it the first time, but it went off the net, and then she hit it again so it was a double hit. Hawaii block ended the rally and then the ref must have shown the yellow card at that time. Then they gave Long Beach the point because of the yellow card but not supposed, so they gave it back to Hawaii.
At first, I thought the card was issued to Sarah Mendoza (to which, go Sarah! Neither my friend nor I thought it would be you). After the play concluded, she made a gesture to the official---that's two fingers, saying doublehit. But box score says that the card was to Shoji, I guess for making too much of a scene while the ball was still in play.

The referees gave the point to Long Beach State, but in order for a yellow card to result in a point for the other team (red), two yellows must be issued in the same set to the same person, so they gave it back to Hawaii.

Point of all this? Dude, I don't know. Hawaii just lost to Long Beach State.

Thoughts about the match during the match are after the jump.