Saturday, September 20, 2014

WVB: Hawaii vs. Northern Arizona (Night Two, Plus Alumni Match!)

Randomness from The Guild, which you really should watch or re-watch because awesomeness:
I am not going to be defensive about my choice for the new guild member. That sounded really defensive. Fine, I admit it, I didn't want Riley in the guild. I don't care if she plays games and would be an awesome addition skill-wise. There are just some people I don't want to interact with. A lot of those people just happen to be taller, prettier, and more charismatic than me. But in this instance I feel like I made the best decision for the guild. And I am going to watch this back a few times to convince myself of that.
Alumni match tonight and then night two of Hawaii vs. Northern Arizona. No radio or TV coverage for the alumni match; broadcast information for the Northern Arizona match is here. Updates via the widget below. Last night's match took all of 85 minutes. Here's hoping for 75 minutes tonight.

Friday, September 19, 2014

WVB: Hawaii vs. Northern Arizona

me:  If you could keep only one on the team, who would you keep, Olivia Magill or Nikki Taylor?
my friend:  Stop manufacturing drama.
me:  It was a random pull. The next question would have been Kalei Adolpho or Katiana Ponce wait, there is drama?

My friend walked away from me after that. It was a random pull. There is no drama. Photo below from the Star Advertiser.

Hawaii defeated Northern Arizona, 25-18, 25-15, 25-18. Olivia Magill and Nikki Taylor each had 11 kills. Magill had 20 attempts and hit .500 (one error), while Nikki Taylor had 24 attempts and hit .208 (six errors, but people who actually know things said some of her attempts were at trap sets, so the two are not comparable). It was the first time since the opener that Magill did not lead her team in blocks. Step it up there, Olivia; you're supposed to be eating these teams alive.

Kalei Adolpho hit .750 (six kills in eight attempts) and had four blocks. Kalei Greeley hit .111 (seven kills and four errors in 27 attempts). Megan Huff did not play. Updates from the widget are after the jump.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

WVB: Hawaii Athletics Live Facebook Chat with Olivia Magill

This screen capture amuses me greatly:

I do not have a Facebook page, personal or otherwise, but if you do, "like" the Hawaii Athletics page and ask Olivia Magill a question. From Hawaii Athletics, "fans may submit their question in the comment section of the Live Chat post. Magill will begin answering those questions in the order they are received beginning at 1:30 p.m." until 2:30 pm.

Don't have a question? Here are some:

Which do you prefer, the Game of Thrones book or TV series?
Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings?
Kendra or Tayler? (my friend:  NO)
Who is your spirit Pokemon?

Be nice! Happy asking!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WVB: Hawaii vs. Toyota Auto Body Queensies

me:  I don't really like chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Now that I think about it, I don't really like macadamia nuts. Or chocolate.
my friend:  How are we friends?

The University of Hawaii women's volleyball team lost in five (25-27, 19-25, 25-21, 25-20, 10-15) in an exhibition match against the Toyota Auto Body Queensies. Look at Kanani Danielson! (She did not play because of a recent surgery on her shoulder.)

All of the players, save for Nikki Taylor, saw court time. Emily Maglio played all of the third and fourth sets in place of Kalei Adolpho and Olivia Magill, respectively. She had two kills in five attempts and one block.

Updates from the widget (with a few photos) after the jump.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brah, I get question (Week 3)

Pretty dress by Lou & Grey. I want, thank you please.

And now for this week's "Brah, I get question." You know the drill.

Q: How tall is Kalei Greeley?
A: She is 6-2, according to Hawaii Athletics.

Q: Is Megan Huff going to play basketball at UH?
A: She is not on the roster, so I'm going to say no---at least not this coming season. Speaking of the Wahine basketball roster, there is a Brianna, Briana, and a Breana. There is also a Deanna and Delayna, as well as a Shawna, Shawlina, and an Angelina.

Q: blonde ds hawaii volleyball
A: You'll need to be more specific because there are two: Claire-Marie Anderson and Gianna Guinasso.

Q: Why did Olivia Magill leave Arizona?
A: Based on the articles I've read, she just sort of wanted to. And we are not going to question her decision. No take backs! Update! Magill explains her decision here:  "The program at Arizona was just going a different way and I wanted something new and the coaches here are really good, so I'm really lucky it's worked out."

Q: Tayler Higgins related to Jeremy Higgins in the football team?
A: Yes. This article says he is her older brother.

Q: Netflix recs?
A: I've been re-watching The Guild.
"Zaboo, you have chosen not to accompany us. But be aware that you are now dead to me as a human being. And were I to be in a situation where I had to choose between saving you or a dog from drowning, I would drown you in order to save the dog, which I would not even care to keep but would afterwards place in a non-abusive home."